Bashaw Meadows

Bashaw Meadows incorporates both Lodge and Designated Supportive Living accommodation.

Bashaw Meadows provides 30 spaces of Level 4 and 4D (Dementia) care with access to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Health Care Aides on a 24-hour basis. Enhanced security measures for Level 4D clients includes wander guard bracelets that activate the locking mechanisms on the outer doors for clients at risk of wandering outside.

Studio units are barrier-free, modern spaces around 375 SF, making them larger than units in many older facilities.

Bashaw Meadows features two large dining rooms, laundry facilities, common areas, nursing office, hairdresser, and everything you would come to expect in a lodge/designated supportive living building.

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5502 - 56 Avenue

Bashaw, AB  T0B 0H0


Resident Room Common Area & Tub Room