Rosehaven Provincial Program and Education Services

The Rosehaven Provincial Program was operated directly by Alberta Health from 1952 until 1992, when responsibility was transferred to The Bethany Group. The Rosehaven Provincial Program was designated a provincial resource to the continuing care system.

The Rosehaven Provincial Program provides specialized outreach and inpatient services to support people who have behaviours that are difficult to manage in their current settings. These services are available to anyone who is receiving, or is eligible to receive, continuing care services in the Home Living, Supportive Living, and Facility Living streams, anywhere in the province.

These settings generally do not have the capacity or the trained staff to handle difficult behaviours.

The program is based in Camrose and has a highly trained interdisciplinary team who deliver support throughout the two services:Outreach Education

  • In-House Program

The overall goal is to assist continuing care health providers to manage the behaviours within the current care settings.

If people are assessed as needing the support of the In-House treatment program, it is the intent that they will be able to return back to their home community within the shortest time possible. For more information about the In-House Program, please see below.


Outreach Education

Outreach Education provides no-fee education sessions for staff in all three streams of the Continuing Care System. Thirty-five modules have been developed for face-to-face and/or webinar. Examples include: ABCs of Behaviour Management, Common Forms of Dementia, Creating a Therapeutic Relationship, Depression in the Elderly, Retrogenesis and Schizophrenia. Several Modules have been developed in a self study format.

In recognition of the need for education for regulated health care professionals and the need for supporting transfer of knowledge, the P.I.E.C.E.S program, developed in Ontario, was modified to better fit within the Alberta context.

For additional information, please see Outreach Education.

For more information please contact:Outreach Administrative Support
Phone: 780-679-2012

In House Program

The Rosehaven Program provides specialized long term care services to support people who have responsive behaviors that are difficult to manage in their current setting. These services are available to anyone who is receiving or is eligible to receive continuing care services in various programs: home living, continuing care and acute care. The Rosehaven Program is a 75 bed specialized long term care (LTC) program for those with complex needs, of which 10 beds will be allocated for short stay clients (approximately 50 day treatment stay). The program is based in Camrose and is complemented with a highly skilled interdisciplinary team.

The Rosehaven Program foundation is a person-centered care approach, with the goal of enhancing a clients’ quality of life. The interdisciplinary team includes, Psychiatrist, Physician, Professional Nurse, Allied Health, and Geriatric Psychiatric Nursing Attendant. An enriched environment is created to meet individual needs, incorporating an environment of socially appropriate behaviors. All accommodations are provided in private bedrooms on secure units.

The resident population of the Rosehaven Program commonly have diagnosis of, but not limited to the following:
• dementia with mood, psychosis, or behavioral disorder
• mood disorders, major depression, bipolar disorder
• thought disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoid delusional disorder

Specialized LTC incorporates:
a. Supportive environment
b. Individualized, person centered care, recognizing family is integral to the client
c. Enhanced complement of interdisciplinary team to involve routine visits from psychiatrist
d. Weekly team conferences
e. Augmented staffing complement beyond traditional LTC for ongoing complex behavior management

Bed Management: ***note*** process to be determined through a collaborative approach

Click here for the memo regarding updates to the application process.
a. The application process will be completed through the local home care case manager, hospital community liaison coordinator, care coordinator, or living option assessment team, and
other Long Term Care facility
b. Waitlist list and bed matching will be executed by the central zone continuing care placement office, to align with AHS continuing care services bed management.
c. All vacancies will be reported to the central zone continuing care placement office.
d. Should a client be deemed appropriate for an alternate level of care, referral to the continuing care access centre will be made. This will create a referral to Camrose home care and an assessment of the client’s care needs will be completed

Admission Criteria

For admission:

  • 18+ years of age, with disruptive, unmanageable behaviors
  • Require specialized programming/staff for ongoing complex and/or unpredictable behavior management, medical management and/or mental health management
  • Cognitive impairment and/or mental health diagnosis; may or may not have complex medical comorbidities
  • Geriatric / mental health assessment history
  • Need for unscheduled/onsite RN, RPN, physician, and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • Must be considered medically stable
  • Neurological disease with behaviors (i.e. MS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s)
  • Where indicated, must have legal decision maker and financial administrator in place

For admission a referring site:

  • must have accessed all available resources within their own region/zone
  • must have Management approval prior to referring to the Rosehaven Provincial Program
  • must agree to hold a continuing care bed (for clients in that setting) during the short stay assessment and treatment process
  • must indicate agreement to integrate the individual into regional placement options upon discharge from the Rosehaven Provincial Program

An individual will not be admitted if:

  • Behavior is associated with an acute mental health episode or medical illness
  • Active addictions to use of illegal substances or requiring detox programming
  • Certified under the Mental Health Act
  • Poses risk of harm to self or others
  • Care requirements can be adequately met in a non-specialized living option
  • Requires chronic respiratory management, i.e. unstable tracheostomy or mechanical ventilation
  • CPAP or BiPAP on an individual basis (may consider)
  • Will consider acquired brain injury and developmental delay, with combined diagnosis

The goal of the interdisciplinary team, for each client admitted, is to assess, treat, and develop a comprehensive care plan prior to discharging the client to the most appropriate continuing care setting. Once a manageable care plan has been established, the discharge order is written and a discharge package is forwarded to Placement. Support from the Rosehaven Provincial Program is available to the receiving site at the time of discharge and for three months following to enable successful discharge.


The client pays the set accommodation fee which includes medications and personal care supplies as identified by Alberta Health Services Continuing Care Standards.

If required, subsidies are available through the enhanced Alberta Seniors Benefit or through AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)

Care Team

The interdisciplinary care team consists of:





Medical Service



Occupational Therapy

Chaplaincy Services

Recreational Therapy

Social Work


Service provision by the interdisciplinary team includes opportunities to collaborate with continuing care providers throughout Alberta.

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For inquiries regarding admissions: 

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For questions regarding the program contact: 

Resident Care Manager
Phone: 780-679-3038