The Bethany Foundation is proud of the changes, supports, and comfort we have brought to our residents thus far through projects funded by our generous donors.

  1. Blanket Warmers. When a person begins to feel cold, usually they begin to move about, adjust the heat, or put on a sweater or jacket.  However, in long-term care most residents experience reduced mobility and may have difficulty making those small adjustments to stay comfortable. Blanket warmers are one of the ways that Bethany staff are able to meet this need, even though we do not receive funding for them.  In the past two years blanket warmers have been provided in Bashaw at Bashaw Meadows and Camrose at Faith House and Viewpoint by The Bethany Foundation.
  2. Broda Chairs. Broda Chairs offer a comfortable and supportive seating option for our residents and clients who may experience discomfort in other chairs, like palliative individuals that do not want to spend their last days in their beds, or those individuals who have families that would like to take them outside for a visit in the fresh air, or would like to spend an afternoon in the sun or looking out the window, the best choice of seating is a Broda chair. The Bethany Foundation, through the generous giving of our donors, has been able to secure 3 Broda chairs, one for each of our Long Term Care Sites. One Broda Chair costs around $4900.
  3. Sleeper Chair. We received a donation that was specifically marked to enhance palliative supports at Memory Lane, one of our sites here in Camrose. With the money we received we were able to purchase a sleeper chair, which transforms from a chair into a comfortable bed with ease, enabling visiting family members to be comfortable for long visits or overnight stays. A sleeper chair costs around $3500.