Transformational Giving that will live on past your lifetime.  Giving Through Endowment Funds for long-term needs.

Legacy giving is truly transformational as it lives past our lifetime. Legacy giving is a way to leave a lasting legacy of generosity by making an organization's work that you care deeply about, a lasting part of your life story..

When reflecting back on the work of our lives, it is common nature to look for meaning and wonder  "how will I be remembered?" By planning a Legacy Gift in your Will, you will be ensuring that your legacy will live on through the goodwill of the organization you support.

Please reach out to us if this something you or your loved one has been considering.

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Therapeutic Bathtubs enhance comfort, warmth, and relaxation for our Residents

Therapeutic Bathtubs. Regular bathing is important, but it is one of the most time consuming and difficult things that staff do in long-term care, having what are called Therapeutic Bathtubs is important as many residents cannot get into a bathtub on their own, and require a special tub that is supportive and requires residents to be lifted in. Over time, these tub components wear out, and the tubs must eventually be replaced despite not being something that we are regularly funded for.

This project is for the replacement and/or upgrade of 22 tubs at our sites with Penner Bathing tubs. Our priority is to begin with three that most require an upgrade, the tubs in Camrose at Memory Lane, Eastview, and Westview. The cost of a single tub is just above $40,000 dollars. This is an ambitious project, and one we can't do without your support so please consider making a donation towards this transformative project.