The Bethany Foundation is the organization's charitable giving arm. As more demands are placed on the organization to provide care with fewer resources, the Bethany Foundation becomes ever more important for donations as a means to realize the organization’s mission.

One focus of the foundation is to ensure the continuation of Pastoral Care. As a faith-based provider, The Bethany Group has a commitment to giving clients holistic care – the person’s need for reconciliation of body, mind, spirit and relationship with God, self and others. Spiritual and religious care provides a core element of healing and caring for people who are vulnerable.

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Donations to the Bethany Group Foundation are managed under an Endowment Fund approach and the priorities of the Foundation are

  • To support special projects and programs
  • To support the work of the Chaplaincy Program
  • To support community education on seniors care

If you would like your donation to go to a specific program or purpose, please note your request in the add a comment section.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help us enhance the lives of our residents and clients, we encourage you to Contact Us.

  Read our Bylaws of The Bethany Group (Camrose) Foundation

We wish to sincerely thank all of our Donors for their ongoing support of our work.