The Bethany Group manages facilities and services in over 30 communities in central Alberta. From continuing care and supportive living for seniors to a variety of housing programs including affordable family housing, the organization remains committed to its residents and clients and providing an enhanced quality of life while maintaining its faith-based roots.

There are a variety of activities and opportunities available, including:

  • Membership in The Friends of Rosehaven Auxiliary
  • Pet Therapy programs
  • Recreation Therapy programs
  • Providing entertainment for programs
  • Work Experience placements
  • Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care services
  • Assistance with Rehabilitation services
  • Mealtime Assistance
  • One-to-One Visits

These are just a few of the opportunities we have at The Bethany Group. If you are interested in volunteering with us and making a difference in our residents' and clients' lives, please contact Lisa Unteriner at 780-679-3046 or lisa.unteriner@bethanygrp.ca who will be happy to discuss with you where you may assist.

You may also wish to view our Volunteer Brochure .


Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Please review the following opportunities.

Bingo & Quality Visitor at Bashaw Meadows

Bingo, Quality Visitor and Activities at Bashaw Meadows

Chaplaincy Porter at Bethany Meadows


 Interested volunteers can email Volunteer.Services@bethanygrp.ca for more information!