Peace Hills Lodge Outbreak

October 26, 2021

Sadly, we have one additional positive case of a resident to report- a known close contact of the existing positive case, 3 active cases in total. No new staff cases.


October 20, 2021

There are currently 2 active cases at Peace Hills Lodge.

Dining room service returns tomorrow, October 21/2021 and residents are able to book times to use the laundry facilities.



October 14, 2021

The fifth round of prevalence testing occurred yesterday, with no new positives coming from rapid tests and all resident lab results still pending.  Unfortunately one staff did test positive yesterday.

All restrictions will remain in place until we have lab results for the residents – if all resident results are negative, we will consult with the MOH to determine if there can be some further lessening of restrictions within the site.  The MOH did approve scheduled, safe walks outside for residents, as well as scheduled laundry times.

The next round of prevalence testing is scheduled for October 18.



Update October 8, 2021

Following the prevalence testing on October 5, one further resident tested positive, for a total of three active resident cases currently at the site.  There were no further positive staff members.

One more round of prevalence testing has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday October 12.

The CDC will consult with the MOH regarding the removal of restrictions for residents who are not required to isolate due to a current positive test, symptoms or close contacts, and also to enquire about reinstating scheduled walks for residents and scheduled laundry times.  The Chaplaincy Team is working to provide supports for the residents at the site.


Update September 24, 2021

Currently there are seven residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as one staff member. Restrictions remain in place for the site.


Update September 20, 2021

Late Friday evening we were advised that the following additional restrictions are now in place:

  • Dining room service is to be suspended – meal delivery to rooms for all residents
  • Designated visitors are restricted to two at one time


Update September 17, 2021

A second resident has been confirmed as positive, and following the prevalence testing yesterday there are 2 additional residents who received positive rapid results – however confirmation of lab testing is pending.   At this time a total of 4 residents have tested positive and one remains in hospital.  Five additional residents were identified as close contacts and are isolating in their rooms. 

The following site restrictions are in place:

  • Dining room services continue for all fully vaccinated, asymptomatic residents
  • Group activities and hairdressing service are suspended
  • Social visitation is suspended with designated visitors only allowed

No employees have tested positive at this time. 

The second round of prevalence testing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 21, and the next meeting with AHS is scheduled for September 21.


Update September 15, 2021

There are no new positive or symptomatic residents, however the Lodge resident who previously tested positive is in acute care.  Three close contact residents were tested on September 14th, and prevalence testing for the site will take place on September 16th.  We are awaiting results of staff testing, including one symptomatic Lodge staff. 

Currently admissions to the site are on hold, but there are no visitor restrictions at this time.

The next meeting with AHS is scheduled for Friday, September 17th


Update September 13, 2021


On Saturday September 11, 2021 an outbreak was declared at Peace Hills Lodge as a result of one resident testing positive for COVID-19.   At this time there are no other symptomatic residents or staff.  Dining room and group activities will continue for fully immunized, asymptomatic residents and there is no restrictions on visitation.  Prevalence testing is in the process of being scheduled for the residents, and staff are being asked to make appointments to be tested.


The next meeting with AHS has not yet been scheduled.