Lacombe Lodge Outbreak

June 22, 2022

We are able to provide the following update: 

  •  We have had a total of 6 positive residents, and 1 positive staff member.
  • Another round of prevalence took place yesterday, June 21, and we are awaiting results.
  • No new symptomatic residents or staff have been identified.
  • Hairdressing services are able to continue at the site with appropriate IPC measures in place.

We will provide more updates as they become available and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate this outbreak.

June 16, 2022

We are saddened to report that as of today, June 16th, Alberta Health Services has officially declared an outbreak of COVID19 at Lacombe Lodge. This outbreak has been declared as a result of 2 residents and 1 staff member testing positive for COVID19, with an additional staff member’s test results still pending. The CMOH has outlined the following restrictions for our site:

  • No resident activities will take place at this time.
  • Masking for all residents while in common areas.
  • Staff will wear both masks and goggles.
  • Additional signage will be posted on exterior doors.

The Medical Officer of Health has ordered prevalence testing that will take place either tomorrow or Monday. Further updates will be provided as they become available.

April 4, 2022

We are extremely pleased to announce that as of today, April 4, 2022 Alberta Health Services has officially closed the outbreak at Lacombe Lodge. We know this has been a difficult and challenging time for everyone, and we cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding during this time. We also want to thank our staff for their hard work and diligence in keeping our residents safe.

March 17, 2022

We are able to provide the following updates regarding the ongoing outbreak at Lacombe Lodge:

  • We received confirmation last night of 1 more positive resident and 1 positive staff – total cases out of March 14th prevalence testing is 3 residents and 1 staff
  • Residents are able to resume hairdressing at the Lodge one resident at a time, which will start next Wednesday
  • Dining room service can resume with nothing shared on the tables – this will commence tomorrow at lunch
  • Residents will be able to be in common areas wearing masks except while dining

No further prevalence testing is ordered, moving forward testing will be for symptomatic residents only. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

March 10, 2022

Following the first round of testing, 28 residents and 2 staff members were confirmed positive. Then, following testing that took place on March 5th, an additional 5 residents were confirmed positive as well as 1 additional staff member.

The Medical Officer of Health is being consulted to determine if any further rounds of testing will be required.



March 2, 2022 

We are saddened to share that despite our best efforts, Covid has once again found its way into our building and Alberta Health Services officially declared an outbreak on February 27th.

The outbreak has been declared as a result of four residents and one staff member testing positive for COVID-19.

We know this is a frightening prospect for residents, families, and staff. Please know that we have taken any and all steps possible to protect the health and safety of everyone.

Alberta Health Services has outlined the following restrictions:

  • All group activities are on hold
  • Hairdressing service is currently on hold
  • All meal service is room delivery with no shared dining at this time
  • Residents are able to come out of their rooms, but must remain masked and maintain physical distance while in common areas
  • Our enhanced cleaning methods are in place

Prevalence testing for the site has taken place on March 1st and we will continue to provide updates here as we receive them.

October 26, 2021

We are extremely excited to announce that outbreak status has been lifted! Thank you to our residents, families, and staff for their diligence and care.


October 20, 2021

There are currently no active cases and the tentative lift date for Outbreak Protocols is October 26, 2021.



October 14, 2021

Unfortunately one staff member tested positive on October 11.  We are working with AHS to see if this will impact the outbreak closure date.


Update October 8, 2021

There are no new positive cases following the last round of prevalence testing.  Room isolation restrictions have been lifted for all residents effective today, and dining room service has resumed.

Pending no new cases, the Outbreak has a tentative lift date of October 26.


Update September 27, 2021

The third round of prevalence testing took place today, with 2 more residents positive with rapid testing - they have been isolated pending confirmation of the lab test results. 

Lab results of the previous prevalence testing did return two false positives, therefore a total of five residents have been confirmed as positive. 


Update September 24, 2021

The second round of prevalence testing took place on September 21, with one additional resident testing positive.  

AHS IPC conducted an audit at the site today, with minor recommendations and reminders.

The third round of prevalence testing will be scheduled for September 26 or 27.


Update September 20, 2021

Unfortunately there have been four additional positive resident cases, for a total of 6 positive cases to date.

Effective tomorrow, the site will suspend dining room service and provide meal delivery service to all residents.  Those residents who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic can still come out of their rooms to walk around or visit 1-1 with co-residents or staff, and the facility staff will try to make this a fun activity for the residents.

The second round of prevalence testing will take place tomorrow, September 21.


Update September 17, 2021 

There are currently two residents who have tested positive.  Prevalence testing took place at the site yesterday and lab results are pending.  Close contacts and unvaccinated residents are isolated to their rooms with meal tray service.

The following site restrictions are in place:

  • Admissions are on hold
  • Group activities are currently suspended
  • Dining room service for all fully vaccinated, asymptomatic residents can continue

No staff have tested positive at this time. 

The second round of prevalence testing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 21st


Update – September 15, 2021

Today, the MOH has declared Lacombe Lodge to be in outbreak due to one resident testing positive for COVID-19.  Any close contact residents and unvaccinated residents will be isolated to their rooms with meal tray service.  Hairdressing services and group activities are suspended.  Admissions are on hold and social visiting is suspended – only designated family support persons (maximum 4 per resident) are able to attend the site at this time.  Home care is currently scheduling prevalence testing for the site.