Bethany Meadows Outbreak

October 26, 2021


Following our latest round of prevalence testing we are extremely pleased to report no new cases of COVID19.

We are looking forward to lifting the outbreak as soon as directed by the Medical Officer of Health.


October 20, 2021

We are pleased to report that there are no new active cases at Bethany Meadows. 

Round 6 of prevalence testing will take place on October 21, 2021.



October 14, 2021

We are pleased to report no new positive resident results from the October 8th prevalence testing, and no new positive staff members. 

The following restrictions remain in place:

  • Visitation restricted to 4 Designated Family Support Persons
  • Dining room service can resume for those residents who are off quarantine
  • Recreation/Spiritual Activities & Hairdressing are still on hold
  • Residents must not leave site except for essential appointments

The fourth round of prevalence testing took place on October 13th.  The next meeting with AHS will be on Monday October 18th


October 8, 2021


Unfortunately there was one resident who tested positive following the most recent round of prevalence testing.  Additionally, there are three staff members who have tested positive. 

The following restrictions are in effect at this time:

  • No social visits allowed.  Four designated family support visitors are permitted.
  • All residents are isolated to rooms with meal delivery.
  • All admissions are on hold.

Another round of prevalence testing is tentatively scheduled for October 8th


Update September 17, 2021

We are pleased to report that all pending tests were confirmed negative and the site restrictions are lessened beginning today.


Update September 15, 2021

There were no positive results following the second round of prevalence testing, although lab results are still pending, and there are no new symptomatic residents or staff.  The resident who tested positive remained asymptomatic and is now off quarantine, and the three staff who tested positive have all completed their isolation period and are able to return to work.

Pending all lab results coming back confirmed negative, beginning September 17th the following restrictions can be lessened:

  • Social visiting permitted
  • Admissions permitted
  • Unvaccinated residents can come off isolation
  • Hairdressing can resume
  • Group activities can resume

No additional meetings will be scheduled unless positive results or symptoms arise, and the site will remain on outbreak status for 28 days from the outbreak date of August 31st.


Update September 9, 2021

At this time there remains one resident who has tested positive, and they are recovering well.   Unfortunately a third employee has received a positive test result.  The second round of prevalence testing is tentatively scheduled for Sunday September 12th

The next meeting with AHS is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th.


Update September 3, 2021

We are pleased to report that all lab test results received since our update on September 1st have been negative.  We are still waiting for confirmation of the date for the next round of prevalence testing, but we expect that this will take place early next week.

There were no concerns arising from the site audits by AHS Public Health and IPC that occurred earlier this week.

The next meeting with Alberta Health Services is scheduled for Wednesday September 8th. 


Update September 1, 2021

Prevalence testing for all residents was completed yesterday, and unfortunately one resident has tested positive.  Additionally, a second staff member has tested positive, and we are still waiting on the lab test results for several residents and staff. 

The site will undergo a Public Health and AHS IPC inspection this afternoon, and the Medical Officer of Health will determine whether changes to outdoor social visiting will be implemented.

The next meeting with Alberta Health Services is scheduled for Friday September 3rd.


August 30, 2021

Over the weekend Alberta Health Services declared an outbreak at Bethany Meadows as a result of one employee testing positive for COVID-19.  At this point in time, no other employees or residents are displaying any symptoms.  Prevalence testing for all residents will occur onsite Tuesday August 31, and all staff are undergoing testing as well.

Indoor visiting has been restricted to 4 designated family/support persons in the resident’s room only; indoor social visiting is restricted at this time.  Outdoor visiting can continue but visitors must attend the screening centre at the site to be actively screened prior to visiting outside with the resident.

Dining room service will continue for all vaccinated residents.  Hairdressing and group activities will be suspended for the time being, but one-to-one visits and activities can continue.

The next meeting with AHS is scheduled for Wednesday, September 1st