Community Housing

Community Housing is a subsidized rental program. It provides housing to families and individuals who have a low or modest income. Program funding comes from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. 


Eligibility for Community Housing is based on a provincial point-scoring criteria to ensure housing opportunities are provided to those most in need. Need is determined by income, assets, and current housing condition. Eligible applicants will be placed on the Community Social Housing waiting list.

Please note that each municipality under our Community Housing program may consider different specifications for eligibility. To determine your eligibility, please contact the appropriate Service Centre for your area.

Rental Costs

Rent is based on 30% of a households adjusted income and includes heat, water, and sewer expenses.

The tenant is responsible for electricity, telephone, and cable television, as well as any additional services (i.e., parking, personal insurance).


How do I know if I'm eligible?
Eligibility for Affordable & Community Housing is based on need. For more information about criteria, please contact the appropriate Service Centre.

After I apply, how long will it take for me to be offered a place?
Your place on the waiting list is determined by need. Available spaces are offered to those with the greatest need.

Can I smoke in my apartment/townhouse?
There is no smoking in any of our units.

Are pets allowed?
It depends on the building. You can discuss this when you submit your application.

Are my personal belongings covered under the managements insurance coverage?
All tenants are responsible for insuring their personal possessions and for having liability insurance.