The Bethany Group provides Chaplaincy as a spiritual support for those who enter its doors - providing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social care for the well being of everyone entrusted to its care.

The religious life and spiritual health of residents are an important part of the continuum of care and services offered. Under the direction of the Chaplaincy Team, residents and staff are able to:

  • benefit from a caring faith community;
  • have assistance in maintaining their connection with their home clergy, congregation, or personal faith community; and,
  • enjoy a wide variety of worship services and religious opportunities at the various care facilities managed by The Bethany Group.

Chaplaincy respects the rights and heritage of each individual and would not impose itself upon anyone. It would always be there when needed, enabling others to express and nurture their faith in familiar and meaningful ways. Such a relationship is best nurtured and expressed through the individuals involvement in a community of faith . . . for residents in facilities, who must often feel separated from life's mainstream, pastoral care workers may become welcome representatives of the links with such a community.


Worship & Faith Nurturing Activities

  • Friendly visits
  • Sharing special occasions
  • Crisis counseling and prayer
  • Ecumenical worship each Sunday
  • Regular devotional opportunities
  • Denominational rites and sacraments
  • Funerals, Memorial when appropriate and desired
  • Resident care-plan
  • Liaison with community

A variety of worship services are offered and a calendar outlining times and locations can be obtained from one of the members of the Chaplaincy Team.

Memorial services are also conducted in the appropriate cottages or respective Chapel at each facility and as requested.


Chaplaincy Team

Rev. Kevin Schwartz; Chaplaincy Manager; Executive Director of The Bethany Foundation
Rev. Brian Krushel, Chaplain - Rosehaven Provincial Program
Rev. Dean Eisner, Chaplain - Bethany Meadows
Rev. Calvin Skriver,
Chaplain - Bethany Meadows
Rev. Natasha Westerhoud,

The Chaplaincy Team provides spiritual support to residents, their families, and our staff. This is a ministry provided for people of every faith tradition and to all levels of care within The Bethany Group without bias or exception.

Contact any member of the team if:

  • you need to talk;
  • you desire Holy Communion;
  • you desire prayers for health or healing;
  • you wish to volunteer in some capacity;
  • you have good news to share with the community;
  • you wish to participate in religious services; or,
  • you are experiencing grief or pain following a loss.