On May 20, The Bethany Group held a dinner to honour recent retirees and staff who have worked with the organization for over 15 years. It was a night to celebrate their achievements and dedication to enhancing the lives of our residents and clients. The Bethany Group is always impressed with the commitment of staff members in making a difference in the lives of all those they encounter, as well as their commitment to providing care to those in need.

We wanted to especially acknowledge David Christenson, who unable to attend the evening, celebrates 50 years of service!

The Bethany Group thanks all its staff for their hard work, dedication, and commitment.


2015 Retirees Signi Bruner and Bev Schaber
2015 Retirees Signi Bruner and Bev Schaber
Unable to attend: Mari Benner, Ann Edwards, and Cathy Johnson


 Celebrating 15 Years

2015 Long Service Awards - Fifteen Years
From L-R: Corrine Folk, Hillary Bascoe, Lou Henderson, and Bonnie Koltusky.
Unable to attend: Crystal Koch, Darlene Fontaine, Kelly Johansen, Dora Ellerton, Carol Simms, Joy Cochrane, and Dawn-Marie Forsberg.


Celebrating 25 Years

2015 Long Service Awards - 25 Years
From L-R: Marilyn Charpentier, Janice Snell, Sharon Falk, Christine Heyhurst, and Nancy Howard.
Unable to attend: Walter Liang (20 yrs), Kathy Henry (20 yrs), Michele Nelson, Bonnie Liebl, Chien-King Ching, Carol Reum, Kim Kelly, Amelia Keech, Margo Czajkowski, Shannon Pasychnyk, Judy Sawatzky, and Michelle Husak.


Celebrating 30 & 40 Years

2015 Long Service Awards - 30 & 40 Years
L-R: Jackie Olson (30 years), Deb Humeny (40 yrs), and Sheila Johnson (30 yrs). 
Unable to attend: Linda Suchan (35 yrs) and Cindy French (30 yrs).