L-R: Mary Ellen Mallard, Ken Drever, and Lisa Robertson in the Iris Garden, dedicated to Iris Drever thanks to donations from Ken.

Iris Drever was a resident with The Bethany Group for many years, first at Rosehaven Care Centre and then with the Louise Jensen Care Centre.

Her husband, Ken, was a regular donor to The Bethany Group during this time but it was when Iris passed away that Louise Jensen used the donation to honour her.

Tucked in one of the facility's courtyards a welcoming and pleasant iris garden was created as a memoriam for Iris. Ken's donations were put towards purchasing the flowers and other plants, as well as planting boxes and furniture for residents and families to use. When the staff purchased the flowers, they also received extras from the gardening centre because the owner had a relative living in a Bethany facility.

Over a few days, staff was joined by residents who helped them plant and set up the courtyard, including one resident who knew the proper name of every flower. It was an activity that encouraged residents and staff to enjoy the sun and outdoors.