Recreation Therapists' put the RT in HEART! This month we want to highlight the amazing work this key role does in our organization.

"Therapeutic Recreation is a health care profession that utilizes a therapeutic process, involving leisure, recreation and play as a primary tool for each individual to achieve their highest level of independence and quality of life." - Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association

The Bethany Group employs a number of RT's amongst our different sites, as well as Recreation Assistants and Recreation Aides, and we deeply advocate for the work they do and support they provide to our residents and clients.

“Recreation’s purpose is not to kill time, but to make life. Not to keep a person occupied, but to keep them refreshed. Not to offer an escape from life, but to provide life.” - Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association 

 In our facilities, recreation is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team. They are passionate advocates of providing person centered care to the clients we serve and work each day living up to the organization’s mission statement. Our Recreation Therapists work daily with the clients, completing leisure assessments, program planning and delivery, care planning in partnership with the interdisciplinary team, and connect with families as care partners. Not only do our Recreation Therapists provide therapeutic intervention to the clients, they also work with the community as volunteer coordinators at each of the health sites.

Interventions that you may find a Recreation Therapist involved in:

-Community Access/Outings such as Coffee Outings or touring the area on the TBG Trishaw bicyle

-Music Therapy through leading a singalong, reminiscing about favourite musical artists with residents

-Cognitive Stimulation such as Trivia, Current Events or Reminiscing

-Social Programming including games, coffee groups, Bingo or enjoying one of our volunteer entertainers

-Activities of Daily Living- Meal Preparation, Woodworking, Crafts, Exercise Groups

Did you know that prior to their current roles, our CEO Carla Beck and Director of Health Services Tena Lansing have worked as Rec Therapists for The Bethany Group?


Carla Beck, Chief Executive Officer   Tena Lansing, Director of Health Services



If you know an RT, or see one on site, be sure to wish them a Happy Therapeutic Recreation Month and thank them for the amazing work they do!