Adeline Fast (left) with a resident named Ross (center) and Physical Therapist, Lisa (right) 


Giving Tuesday (November 30th) is a global donation campaign that follows Black Friday and is intended to help bring together charities and giving communities. As a non profit, registered charity, The Bethany Group is grateful for every single donor and volunteer that helps strengthen our impact on the Community. Today we want to highlight one of those donors who has had a long, steadfast impact on The Bethany Group. 

Adeline Fast has been a long serving volunteer with The Bethany Group, starting with our original building in Camrose, she has continued to volunteer and help our residents in a variety of ways with a focus on recreational & physical therapy aspects of life enhancement and development. On a nice day in 2019, Adeline was helping residents as they were taken around on the Camrose Public Library's Lifecycle and one resident was having a down day and wasn't interested in participating with the bike ride, however, Adeline and the staff encouraged the resident to take a ride and after some convincing, they agreed. When the resident returned, their mood was lifted, they were happy and already looking forward to going again. This transformation in the resident's outlook and happiness was when Adeline decided we needed our own version of the Lifecycle and thanks to a very generous donation from Adeline and her husband, our residents in Camrose Continuing Care are able to enjoy the outdoors in the summer months, while being cycled around by trained staff members. Helping enhance their quality of life during these times has become especially important to our residents and we send out a huge thank you to Adeline and her husband!!


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