The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words definitely applies to this wonderful photo of our resident Susan standing proudly in front of a bulletin board at Louise Jensen Care Facility she designed.

Susan was at the center of our thinking when Recreation Therapy approached her and asked her to design the bulletin board in her cottage, Ivy Cottage.  Living with meaning and purpose, responsiveness and putting people before tasks were all reasons we asked her to take on this project.

As you can see the bulletin board looks lovely, but the best part of this story is the thought and meaning Susan put into the board. She has taken it upon herself to foster a safe and welcoming community for her co-residents. Susan did everything free hand, she painted the pictures, cut them out and put them up. The yellow paper in the picture is Susan beautifully describing how Christ would describe Easter to us. 

When we took this picture of Susan she said, "I thrive in a team environment. When I feel like I am making a difference I do very well."  We are all excited to see what Susan plans to do to the board next!