Being a resident at Rosealta Lodge “during this pandemic” has changed our lives. The six foot rule, washing your hands, and staying inside are the three new commandments. Are the staff enforcing them? Yes indeed! Knowing that these three rules can save my life, I for one am grateful for their interaction. Besides, it doesn’t take much to follow these guidelines. It is merely a conscious effort.

Doors are locked prohibiting people entering. Only essential people are allowed and they are screened. Yesterday staff were practicing how to use the new thermometer. I watched while they stood six feet apart, forming a circle around the demonstrator. Even they follow the three golden rules.

Having a chef prepare our meals is a plus & our culinarians are among the best. Not congregating in the dining room is no problem. Meals are delivered on wheels three times a day. Staff bring them to each residents quarters. This takes 45 minutes to an hour. The dishes are collected, sanitized & ready for the next round. Meals are still delicious.

The lingering smell of cleaning products confirms the sanitization of everything. Staff work around the clock keeping the lodge safe. I feel like a gold brick living at Fort Knox, protected, safe.

There are activities one can do in your room. Tablets can be signed out. An assortment of projects are carted from room to room. There is colouring, connect the dots, word scrabble, crafts and more. We have Prayer on the Wing. Designated times, at each wing pastor leads us in song and prayer. We can open our doors or sit in the doorway and join in. There are different activities “On the Wing” that will be implemented. Me I am spring cleaning.

Having a positive attitude really helps. Positivity makes me feel warm and tingly inside. Being negative causes doom and gloom. In a world like it is now, everyone should be positive. We have gone through tough times before and survived. We will get through this as well.

Yes, this pandemic has changed our life. As long as we distance ourselves socializing isn’t really a problem. Washing our hands is crucial. We can come and go as usual. But who really wants to go out into an infectious world. Here at Rosealta Lodge I feel safe. Thanks to the incredible staff we have. I’ve always maintained “Rosealta has heart and the staff is the heartbeat.”