March 20th marked the first day of Spring, and what better way to celebrate for our residents than with a visit from a lamb.

The six-week old lamb, Beller, visited residents in Memory Lane and Rosehaven. He was a popular visitor amongst both residents and staff. During a Bingo game, Beller happily sat on a resident’s lap for a much needed nap after spending most of the afternoon visiting.

While Beller is a new visitor, his mother is a well known guest at the site. Bunter started visiting when she was a lamb but now that she’s older and having her own babies,  she has passed the torch to her son. Bunter’s popularity amongst the residents is quite well known amongst the staff, with one resident keeping her favourite picture of the sheep in her room. Today, that resident got to meet Beller who will hopefully fill his mother’s shoes in the hearts of the residents.